Pre-K Day at IC

Typical PRE-K STUDENT Day at Immaculate Conception School

The children in our Pre-Kindergarten program our beloved members of our school community.  The school day is designed so that pre-k students have the opportunity to cross paths and interact with the school community as a whole. School assemblies, monthly liturgies, service projects, and academic celebrations are welcomed opportunities for our youngest students to be actively engaged in the IC experience.  

  • 7:00 A.M. Before Care Available


Our Pre-Kindergarten children enjoy our daily assembly tradition of Prayer, Pledge, Music, Mission Statement and Announcements. It serves as affirmation that they are a valued part of a larger, faithful community.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the young children to join voices with the older students and teachers through song and prayer.


As young children are introduced to a formal education at the IC, they begin to thrive in this stable environment with a consistent team of teachers and predictable daily routines. Morning Meeting is a time to review the schedule for the day, upcoming events and changes in routine.  As they feel safe and secure the children begin to confidently express their thoughts and ideas in a structured, loving, supportive and respectful environment. Through songs and finger-play they begin to understand the concept of the calendar, holidays, seasons and number recognition. Through unit-related stories and topic discussions the children begin to re-tell stories, recall details and gain a love of literature. The children also choose daily Helping Jobs, which give them a sense of responsibility and leadership. When they feel responsible for their classroom community they understand that they are valued and can make a difference. 


We believe that young children learn by doing. They are curious, excited and engaged when the topic is meaningful, so we frequently extend our planned activities based on the direction the children take us. We understand that each child is a unique individual with varied interests and skills.  Creativity and critical thinking is encouraged through daily unit-related activities in the following domains: Literacy, STEM, Social Science, Expressive Arts, Religion, Physical Development, Health & Safety and Social Emotional Development.


Children naturally engage in enriching conversations with their friends and teachers in a relaxed atmosphere. Snack is an opportunity for the children to break bread with the class, observe and practice table manners, become aware of nutrition and healthful choices, discuss issues which might be on their minds, and build upon their verbal skills in a comfortable setting.


Children have the opportunity to interact with specially trained staff through classes in Music, Spanish, Physical Education and Library.


Lunch is a wonderful opportunity to venture out of the classroom and begin to explore our school. The children can choose buy a healthful lunch or bring one from home.  We are an allergy aware school with procedures in place to help our students learn to respect the needs of others. 


We provide an atmosphere conducive to the development of the mind, body and soul. Religious instruction is a time to express that for which we are thankful and hopeful. This is a time to review events of the day and acknowledge acts of kindness. We utilize the Seeds religion program to guide children as they begin to understand that the human family extends beyond those whom we are related to.  As young children learn through repetition, we routinely recite our daily prayers and songs to affirm our faith.


We allow time for the children to have quiet time to unwind, both physically and emotionally. Literature and quiet music are available during rest time.  Physical rest also helps to keep children healthy! 


We provide a structured and consistent atmosphere, but strongly believe in a curriculum which allows for choices. Children have unique interests and require time to explore those interests. Our curriculum is designed to create an atmosphere which encourages independence through a variety of unit-related academic centers and child-directed play.