Procedures and Process

Registration of all present and prospective students generally takes place in January. Transfer students from other schools may be accepted during the year at the discretion of the Principal.

Acceptance of students at Immaculate Conception School depends upon several factors including, but not limited to the following:

•        Age of the student

•        Ability of the school to meet student’s needs

•        Available space

•        Willingness of parents to pay tuition/fees

As recommended by the ICS School Advisory Board, the following policy was instituted in 2007:

•        As per the Covenant document, supporting Immaculate Conception Parishioners will be given preference.

•        Siblings will be given preference for admissions on all grade levels

•        Admission is then open to children who are members of the neighboring seacoast parishes.

•        All non-seacoast parishioners, followed by non-Catholics, will then be considered.

•        Upon review of the educational data and an interview with the Principal, parents and perspective students, will receive notification of their acceptance status by mail.

An applicant is not guaranteed continued enrollment at Immaculate Conception School. Continued evaluation takes place to ensure that there is an appropriate match between child and the program offered by the School. After extensive discussions, if it is found that a student’s needs are not being met at Immaculate Conception, appropriate steps will be made to place the student in that school which best serves his/her needs.

Parents are required to update personal information forms each September.