Why choose a Catholic Education

Catholic schools set a standard of excellence for academic achievement and lifelong impact.

National TerraNova Test results show that on average our students:
• Score above grade level in reading, math, science, and social studies
• Perform at an 11th grade level in the 8th grade
• Score 50 percent higher than the national average

On the “Nation’s Report Card” (NAEP) Catholic elementary school students outperform their peers in reading and math.

Research shows that our schools:
• Hire high quality teachers, strong leaders, and have a clear mission
• Provide rigorous college preparation
• Use technology to enhance learning

Research shows that our schools:
• Foster Catholic identity and values
• Provide a safe, disciplined environment
• Support a climate where it is important to study and excel
• Motivate students to learn
• Encourage parents to participate in their child’s education
• Promote moral development
• Honor religious and cultural traditions
• Foster a lifelong commitment to community service and respect for others
• Experience fewer drug and alcohol problems

Students who complete at least the eighth grade in a private school are twice as likely as other students to graduate from college.

Catholic school students earn higher scores than their peers on SAT I tests in:
• Reading
• Math
• Writing

Among Catholic high school students:
• 99% graduate in four years
• 97% go on to college

Among public high school students:
• 71% graduate in four years
• 76% go on to college

Catholic school students have higher levels of education and earn higher household incomes.

Your child will benefit from:
• High academic standards and the support to outperform their peers
• A safe and disciplined classroom with the freedom to learn
• High-quality teachers
• A faith-filled, values-based education with lifelong impact

Experience the standard of excellence set by our schools.